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I like the wellness monitor, if anything it makes me reflect on how I am feeling.
andysteel , TriBlogsRead more comments
did you know?
planned sessions
Plan your future sessions, races and training goals.
Features include:
  • Plan your training sessions,
  • Copy planned sessions, days or even weeks,
  • Enter races,
  • Schedule email reminders,
  • Record planned sessions straight into you Diary.
See our knowledge base for more information on Planning.

Use the Diary function to record your Running life.
Features include:
  • Record training and race results,
  • Use the customised fitness tests to accurately monitor your sporting progress,
  • Tracking functions for health, kit and more.
Click here for more information on using on Diary function.
To make recording your sessions even easier Premium members can utilize the Garmin uploader tool which allows you to upload your training sessions from your Garmin directly into RunBlogs.

Monitor your sporting progress and identify areas for improvement
Features include:
  • Charts to analyse your training data,
  • Fitness tests are a way for you to record a series of results
Using Charts and Fitness tests allows you to view your progress. Record whatever information you like, anything from splits, heart rates, notes on how you felt, to what the weather was like!

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Subscriptions include creating training plans, access to athletes training log, setting email alerts, the option to advertise your coaching services to the RunBlogs community.

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